Start – A5 layby at SH672605, Distance – 12.5km, Ascent – 1050m, Time – 5hrs 00mins plus stops.
A tour of the major Glyders, avoiding all the scrambly bits. The walk starts on the A5 and passes up Cwm Tryfan to the southern end of Tryfan. If I’m being honest (there’s a first time for everything), I had hoped to follow heather terrace along the east side of Tryfan, but ended up taking the easier route straight up the valley instead. At the head of the valley, follow the miner’s track up onto the Glyders and follow the rocky tops until you drop down steeply on a horrible scree path to Llyn y Cwn at the top of the devil’s kitchen. It’s then time for another steep climb to the top of Y Garn, keeping to the right and the edge as much as possible. This is my favourite end of the Glyders, including Elidir Fawr and Foel Goch, and Y Garn is a wonderful hill, standing at the elbow of the Ogwen Valley. The east ridge of Y Garn is one of the best non-technical ones in the area and a spectacular way off the Glyders. The route then drops into Idwal and back onto the A5.

Tryfan from the campsite at Gwern Gof Uchaf. The rocky bit to the left is Tryfan Bach and the route passes between this and it’s much bigger brother.

Near the top of Cwm Tryfan – the rocky ridge is the famous Bristly Ridge. The scree path to the left of Bristly Ridge takes you straight onto the top of the Glyders but is as nasty a path as I’ve walked (or slid) on. Mind you, doing it in July heat while breaking in a new pair of 4-season boots didn’t exactly help

Looking back to Tryfan (right) and Far South Peak (left) from the top of Cwm Tryfan.

At the top, looking back to Tryfan. This hill has to be one of the most shapely in Britain, from any angle. The dark bulk looming in the background is Carnedd Llewelyn.

Looking down the Ogwen Valley from the top of Glyder Fach. The lake in the foreground is Llyn Bochlwyd, which is very nearly the same shape as Australia!

The cantilever stone on Glyder Fach. If photographs could somehow erode stone, this feature would have disappeared years ago

Castell y Gwynt, or the Castle of the Winds, between Glyders Fach and Fawr. There’s a path around this on the left. Of course, I didn’t see it and ended up scrambling across on the left side. Good fun, though.

Descending Y Garn’s east ridge and looking up the Ogwen Valley. The Carneddau are on the left, the Glyders on the right and Llyn Ogwen down the middle. Idwal Cottage is at the closer end of Llyn Ogwen.