Start – Wildboarclough car park SJ987698, Distance – 19km, Ascent – 905m, Time – 6hr 15min plus stops.
Macclesfield Forest may be on the edge of the Cheshire Plain but it’s as hilly as anywhere in the Peak District, and this walk has over 900m of ascent. Starting from Widboarclough, the first hill is the ever-popular Shutlingsloe, followed by an off-path excursion across to Buxtors Hill and down into the Forest via an obvious concession path. The rest of the walk follows well-marked paths and roads, circumnavigating the Forest by keeping to the high ground where possible, and has great views pretty much all around. The best view points on the walk include Shutlingsloe (naturally), Charity Lane, Tegg’s Nose and Nessitt Hill. There’s also much to be enjoyed at lower levels in the valley that runs east-west through the Forest, particularly when skirting the reservoirs to the west. There are also plenty of opportunities to shorten the walk as well. A definite Peak District classic.

A spooky Shutlingsloe peers through the mist. Well, it was Halloween…

Looking across to Buxtors Hill from the west side of Shutlingsloe. The route across the moor runs left to right diagonally across the photo.

Looking down into Macclesfield Forest from Buxtors Hill. Tegg’s Nose is in the background, the nearest reservoir (to the right) is Trentabank.

Dropping back into Macclesfield Forest, with Charity Lane the hill in the background. Charity Lane (the road itself) skirts the forest to the right in the picture and is well-used by mountain bikers and off-roaders

Restored quarrying equipment on the top of Tegg’s Nose.

Looking back to Tegg’s Nose from Bottoms reservoir. The evidence of quarrying can clearly be seen near the summit

The view north-east from Nessit Hill, with Shining Tor in the distance. This viewpoint is fast disappearing as the conifers grow.

Shutlingsloe from the path to the north that runs to Macclesfield Forest.