Start – Goyt Valley car park SK018758, Distance – 16.3/17.5km, Ascent – 585/643m, Time – 5hr 20min plus stops

Combs Moss is a Kinder Scout-esque plateau just to the North of Buxton and like it’s bigger brother can be circumnavigated fully, with great views all around. There are several access points to the plateau, but the two easiest (and the ones these walks use) are the western-most corner, accessed off the Midshires Way at SK035759, and the northern-most point at Castle Naze, accessed off the minor road at SK052786. Once on the top, there is a rough and sometimes boggy path around the edge, following an old boundary wall. Both walks start in the Goyt Valley between Fernilee and Errwood reservoirs and head east, across the A5004, past White Hall Outdoor Centre and up onto Combs Moss.

Route 1 follows the edge of Combs Moss around its circumference and returns via the outward route.

Route 2 (my favourite of the two) follows the north-western section of Combs Moss, which is a more pronounced edge than the remainder, and exits at Castle Naze. This is followed by a gentle stroll along lanes through the village of Combs, around Ladder Hill and back down into the Goyt Valley. The route then follows the River Goyt to Fernilee Reservoir, and then along the abandoned railway line back to the start point. A lovely varied walk.

Having ascended onto Combs Moss via the Midshires Way route, this is the view from the top, with Kinder in the distance. The lump sticking out in the mid ground is the un-named bit above Allstone Lee.

The western side of Combs Moss has a more pronounced “edge” than the rest of the plateau, and feels similar to the western edge of Kinder.

Another view of the western edge. The building on the top is a restored barn of some sort. It’s not secured, doesn’t seem to have any specific use and looks oddly out of place up there.

More views back along the western edge, taken from the area to the east of Allstone Lee

A view around to Castle Naze, again from above Allstone Lee. It’s shown as an ancient fort on the OS Map and the rocks below it are used by climbers, being easily accessed from the minor road to the north

Flint Clough on the southern edge of Combs Moss