Start – Roadside Hathersage SK226815, Distance – 15.5km, Ascent – 620m, Time – 4hrs 30mins plus stops.
A route along the gritstone edges surrounding the pleasant town of Hathersage. The walk includes the massively-popular Stanage Edge, but also the much quieter Burbage and Millstone Edges. All three are popular with climbers but Stanage’s easy access also makes it a haven for those seeking great views for next-to-no effort. The route is obvious enough, taking in well-trodden paths along the three edges. The only blip to an otherwise pleasant walk is the trudge down the A6187 from Burbage Edge to Millstone Edge. There is a footway however, and you could always walk in the adjoining field (which is access land) or even follow the path next to the stream to the south of the road before re-joining by Millstone Edge. Alternatively, you could follow the routes from Upper Burbage Bridge south across Higger Tor and Carl Wark before heading south-west to Millstone Edge and missing out the road altogether, although I personally prefer the quieter Burbage Rocks to the busier Higger Tor. The good thing is that the area has plenty of route choices if you want to mix it up a bit. The descent from Millstone Edge is north-west along a concession path across the access land. Of course, the best thing about any walk from Hathersage is being able to pop into town for a well-earned feast of tea and buns afterwards.

North Lees Hall on the climb out of Hathersage to Stanage Edge. There’s an information board that gives a potted history of the Hall, including some tie-in with Charlotte Bronte. Fascinating, possibly.

Looking across to Higger Tor from Burbage Rocks. An alternative route would be to walk across Higger Tor and Carl Wark, but Burbage Edge is much quieter.

Over Owler Tor on the left and Millstone Edge on the right, seen from the descent route close to High Lees.