Start – Edale car park SK124852, Distance – 16.7km, Ascent – 675m, Time – 5hrs 15mins plus stops.

An excellent high-level walk around the head of Edale taking in Kinder, Brown Knoll, Rushup Edge and the Mam Tor ridge. The start is from the main car park in Edale and follows the Pennine Way briefly before diverting onto a permissive path that climbs Grindslow Knoll and onto the southern edge of Kinder. The circuit leaves Kinder and continues south across the featureless and boggy Brown Knoll before joining the excellent ridges of Rushup Edge and Mam Tor. The descent is from the spaghetti junction at Hollins Cross. Route finding is relatively easy and paths are generally good – the major exception to this being the Brown Knoll area, which is peaty moorland typical of the High Peak, with vague, boggy paths.

Across Edale this time, with the Mam Tor ridge on the skyline. The pointy bit on the ridge is Lose Hill. The slight bump to the left of Lose Hill is Win Hill. I’m still trying to find out where Draw Hill is.

Did you know that the ascent onto Kinder from Grindslow Knoll offers a portal directly to Easter Island? More odd dark peak rock shapes on the southern edge of Kinder.

Looking from Hollins Cross, across Edale towards Kinder. The slight bump on the skyline to the left is Grindslow Knoll and the ascent at the start of the walk can be seen just below it.

Looking towards Lose Hill from Mam Tor. Hollins Cross is in the saddle of the ridge, with paths converging on it from all directions. The one regret of this route is that extending it to include Lose Hill would involve a quite lengthy out-and-back, as there isn’t a direct descent route into Edale from it. Not to my knowledge, anyway…

It’s not just the rocks that are oddly-shaped in the Dark Peak – the trees like to get in on the action too.

A view across Grindsbrook Clough to the southern edge of Kinder, taken from the ascent of Grindslow Knoll

Grindsbrook Clough as it climbs onto Kinder, or falls from Kinder, depending on how you look at it

Mam Tor seen from the Castleton side of Hollins Cross.