Start – Ladybower Reservoir car park SK180884, Distance – 14.3km, Ascent – 540m, Time – 4hrs 30mins plus stops.
A pleasant and fairly easy walk across moorland to Alport Castles. Of course, they’re not actual castles but rock formations of towers and cliffs but well worth a visit nonetheless. The route includes a long-ish return leg along the Derwent Valley Reservoirs which may seem a little dull if you prefer the high routes. However, if you accept it for what it is, then it can be extremely pleasant and relaxing, especially if you go on a quieter day. Route finding is fairly easy and the paths are well-defined – even I can’t get lost on the road alongside the reservoirs.

The Tower at Alport Castles. Cowms Moor rises in the background through the haze, which was caused by farming fires in the Alport valley.

One of the impressive cliff faces in the area of Alport Castles. I assume they’re natural as they look a bit too big have been made by historical mining operations?

These towers are definitely man-made. I took this photo some time before starting this web-site so I’m not 100% sure which dam this is, but if I was to stake someone else’s life on it, I’d say it’s the one between Derwent and Ladybower Reservoirs. Very impressive structures indeed.