Start – Roadside at NY330326, Distance – 11.5km, Ascent – 600m, Time – 3hrs 50mins plus stops.

Another quickie into the Northern Fells, this time taking in Great Calva and Knott. This route poses the not-very-interesting question of “is it better to have a long walk in or out?” After minimal deliberation, I think I’ve decided that a long walk out is better, for reasons too tedious to go into here. The route above is based on a 3km walk along the River Caldew before ascending Great Calva and although I’ve repeated the route faithfully, if I was to do it again I’m fairly sure that I’d finish rather than start the walk this way. Either way, these fells are pretty quiet and make a nice change from the busier Lakeland areas. A lot of this walk is on less-obvious paths and route finding would probably be a challenge in poor visibility. In addition, the flat areas between Great Calva and Knott and Knott and Coomb Height can get boggy, but don’t let any of that put you off what is a pleasant walk in the quiet and beautiful northern fells.

A view down the valley of the River Caldew with Carrock Fell in the background. The first 3km of the walk is along the valley.

Climbing Great Calva by handrailing the fence directly up it’s steep eastern slope.

At the summit shelter on Great Calva we came across this escaped mental patient who we had to subdue with a handy wicking strait-jacket that we just happened to be carrying. This is the unpleasant evidence as to why I don’t appear on photos very often

Looking back after the descent of Great Calva from the boggy area between Great and Little Calva.

A view down Grainsgill Beck, which is the route of descent on this walk. Carrock Fell is to the left of the valley, Bowscale Fell to the right.