Start – roadside at NY493182, Distance – 17.5km, Ascent – 614m, Time – 5hrs 20mins plus stops.
Another slightly contrived walk, designed to take in the fairly isolated Loadpot Hill, with Arthur’s Pike thrown in for good measure The start point is given as the end of the minor road by Moorahill Farm, where there is a small area adjacent to the road to park, but we actually did the walk directly from next-door Carhullan, where we were staying. Crossing Cawdale Beck at the start was made very entertaining by the previous day’s rain, but there is a footbridge just off the path to the east. The climb to Wether Hill and descent from Loadpot Hill are both across boggy moorland with vague or no paths, but the route across the wide summit ridge (the continuation of High Street) is much clearer. Not one of the greatest walk in the Lakes, although the views from Arthur’s Pike across Ullswater are particularly nice. In all honesty, this walk would probably be better done from the Ullswater side, starting at St Peter’s Church at the end of Martindale.

An early morning bank of cloud sits below Great Dun Fell. Today was clear but cold, whereas the day before had seen almost 24 hours of solid rain. If you can get to the Lakes on a moments notice, you can take advantage of the weather. Otherwise, you’re in the lap of the Gods.

Steel Knotts seen from Wether Hill. This was glorious weather for walking, although we could have done without the previous day’s rain, which made the ground boggy in places.

The special-needs group enjoyed their trip to the Lakes. They’re not often let out, but the wardens were close at hand, cattle prods and mace at the ready. Don’t worry, the local Authorities had already been notified and the hills cleared of innocent civilians. The mutant with the deformed legs and one big hand looks particularly frightening…

Descending Loadpot Hill. Bonscale Pike is on the left, Arthur’s Pike on the right.

Ullswater from Arthur’s Pike. We couldn’t have asked for a better October day. Well, we could have, but we probably wouldn’t have got it…

One of the multiple cairns on Arthur’s Pike looms above Ullswater.