Start – Glenridding car park NY386170, Distance – 14km, Ascent – 1000m, Time – 5hrs 20mins plus stops.
A reasonably arduous but rewarding walk around the hills north of Helvellyn. The initial ascent is up the steep slope of The Rake with Glenridding Dodd to the right, before heading north west to Sheffield Pike. Green Side is gained via the narrow ridge between Glencoyne Head and the disused quarries. After Stybarrow Dodd, the route follows the main footpaths onto Raise and Whiteside, before a steep descent into Glenridding. The going then gets easier, following Glenridding Beck back to the start. This is a really nice route that’s likely to be quieter than neighbouring Helvellyn.

Catstye Cam from Sheffield Pike. Helvellyn hides itself (almost predictably) in the cloud. Still, it was March and the weather could have been a lot worse. Could have been a lot better too!

Starting the ascent of Green Side from Sheffield Pike up the obvious ridge heading left to right. Glencoyne Head is on the right of the ridge, with the deep disused quarries just visible as the black area near the top to the left.

Looking back at Sheffield Pike from the ascent of Green Side. Ullswater peeps in on the left with the High Street range in the distance. The steepest climbs are over now – the initial climb to the col between Glenridding Dodd and Sheffield Pike is a bit of a grueller, but at least it’s out of the way nice and early.

The climb to Raise, looking back to Stybarrow Dodd. The Skiddaw massif and Blencathra are in the far, misty distance. Despite the lack of snow, there were still skiers out on a narrow strip of snow on the Raise ski field. Seemed like a lot of effort for a 30 second downhill run. Still, whatever floats your boat…

Descending White Side, the last peak of the day. Raise is the hill in shot and the descent route is the path contouring around it to the right. The hills in this area were a lot busier than those earlier in the day – the pull of nearby Helvellyn is obviously irresistible to many, particularly on a decent Sunday.