Start – Ambleside car park NY375046, Distance – 15.7km, Ascent – 1050m, Time – 5hrs 40mins plus stops.
Okay, I admit it- I haven’t actually done the full walk described here, as the two separate sets of photos might suggest. We set out with the intention of doing the full round after a fall of snow the night before, but had to abandon and escape via Scandale Pass when the cloud dropped and we became slightly lost between Dove Crag and Little Hart Crag(!) The very next day, I bought my first GPS – I can’t think why… However, there’s no reason why this walk can’t be done as one, or split into two using the path next to Scandale Beck as a route in or out. Missing out Little Hart Crag would reduce the overall amount of ascent, but I think it’s definitely worth the diversion.

Scandale Beck from Low Sweden Bridge.

Low Pike with Windermere in the background. The snow fall the night before made route finding a bit tricky at times. The initial ascent is fine, as the route follows the wall up the ridge to Dove Crag.

A view up Scandale with Little Hart Crag in the centre. To it’s right is Scandale Pass, with Red Screes at the far right covered in cloud. The cloud dropped soon after I took this photo and my attention was somewhat diverted by trying to remember which end of a compass is which!

Another day entirely, although the weather wasn’t much better. Here, the clouds are just starting to clear the summit of Red Screes just as we were thinking of descending. We’d climbed up from the Kirkstone Road and later descended via Scandale.

Oscar’s very first mountain (Red Screes). In case you were wondering, Oscar’s the one with lots of hair and a beautiful shiny coat, as opposed to the one with no hair and a slightly shabby coat. Neither are house-trained and both enjoy licking their own…

Bluebells in the woods at the bottom of Scandale Beck.