All Weather Garden Furniture – Do You Need It?

Lake district not always sunny
Sometimes it’s bad weather!

The various picturesque locations in the far reaches of our county are often the perfect scene of tranquility. However, you will often find both in the Peak District and the Lake District that the weather can turn very quickly, and the temperatures combined with violent winds and rain can create quite a hostile environment!

This is especially true when you’re coming to equip your garden with the latest gear, as deciding on something that’s more durable and weatherproof is essential to ensure you aren’t wasting your money.

That’s why we’ve got a recommendation for the following types of garden feature below, to stop you wasting your money this year.

Weatherproof Garden Furniture

This type of furniture can survive all weathers, and is very heavy duty and water resistant furniture. Perfect for a hands off approach. We would recommend high quality rattan furniture that has been UV stabilised, with an aluminium frame. We would also recommend the Winawood range of resin like wood, which is also weatherproof.

Garden Benches

For a weatherproof garden bench this year, we would recommend the Winawood range, particularly the 3 seater in a teak finish shown below, which is the Sandwick style.Winawood 3 seater bench

Other Things to consider

There are plenty of other problems that can occur, such as broken pots, plants that aren’t able to survive and prosper, as well as garden structures such as decking, gazebos, patios, and trellis that can degrade over time and leave you with a poor looking garden.

The key here is to manage these things before you install them, so adding weatherproofing to every garden project is done ahead of time, and saves you any headaches along the way.


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